Leading with heart.

A team in Bloom.

As we grow our program, we grow our team. Regardless of how big we get, the goal is always the same: lead with heart so that fitness can follow.

Our People — Core Team

Executive Director

Program Manager

Program Coordinator

Culture Ambassador

Our People — Board Members

Amy Crane

Bloom Athlete

Charity English

Autism Service Program Provider, UHCL

David Baldwin

Co-President at SCF Partners

Elaine Turner

Founder and President, Elaine Turner

Jill Watson

Vice President/Co-Founder

Board Chair/Founder

Jourdan McNair

Longtime Bloom Supporter

Kate Ball - Secretary

Attorney at Hayden Benefits 

Keith Perry

CIO, St Jude Children’s Hospital

Kevin Kern

COO, The Center for Pursuit

Kevin Murphy - Treasurer

Area President, Gallagher

Dr. Kirk English

Professor, Milligan

Lennell Perry

Business Manager, Gallagher

Manuel Lopez Jr.

Senior Manager, Texana

Patrina Anthony

Program Manager, The Harris Center

Pete Guarraia

Senior partner, Bain and Company

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